What is a POS Terminal

Getting started with POS Terminals

A POS Terminal, also known as a Point of Sale Terminal, is a specialized device used in business transactions to facilitate the purchase of goods or services. It serves as the central hub for processing payments and generating receipts.

With a POS Terminal, businesses can accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and cash. The terminal securely processes payment information, verifies transactions, and communicates with payment processors or banks to complete the transaction.

Overall, a POS Terminal plays a crucial role in modern businesses, enabling smooth and secure transactions, enhancing customer service, and providing valuable insights into sales and inventory management.

Available POS terminal machines


Our available terminals are designed to provide a perfect blend of portability and flexibility to meet your business requirements. We offer portable terminals that can be easily carried and used on-the-go, making them ideal for various business environments. These terminals feature a user-friendly touchscreen display and a built-in receipt printer.

One of the notable advantages of our portable terminals is their versatility in connectivity options. They can seamlessly connect to the internet using multiple methods. Firstly, you can utilize WIFI connectivity, enabling the terminal to connect to available wireless networks for internet access. This is particularly useful when you have a reliable WIFI network in your business premises.

Additionally, our terminals come equipped with a SIM card slot, allowing you to utilize mobile data for internet connectivity. By inserting a SIM card with an active data plan, you can enjoy the convenience of utilizing cellular networks for internet access. This proves to be beneficial in situations where WIFI may not be available or stable.

Furthermore, our portable terminals can also be seated on the charging station to leverage Ethernet connectivity. By placing the terminal on the charging station, you can establish a secure wired connection to the internet using an Ethernet cable. This option provides a reliable and stable connection, ensuring uninterrupted access to online services.

With the ability to connect via WIFI, SIM card mobile data, or Ethernet, our terminals offer the utmost flexibility to adapt to various network environments and business needs. This versatility empowers your business to operate smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the available connectivity options.