1. What encoding do I have to use to implement this API?

Do not try to send the gateway UTF-8 multibyte characters, it is NOT currently supported. Ensure requests are encoded in ISO/IEC 8859-1 (Latin-1).

2. Why is every transaction declined with error “-999 Unknown error”?

If you are receiving error code -999 then you have a signature calculation issue, closely study the logic in Annex A.

3. What to do when we get errormessage ‘Wrong custom1’ while testing on test accounts?

Please send ‘custom1=123456’ when you send request on test account, we need this parameter on the test accounts.

4. What parameters are required and which are optional?

Each interface has its own parameter table, which clearly denotes which parameters are required or optional.

5. How do we receive chargeback information?

You can pull chargeback information with our diagnose interface and of course they are shown in your control center as soon as reported to our payment gateway.

6. What does error code 2000 mean?

Error code 2000 means that your transaction is in status pending / in progress and the final status is uncleared to our payment gateway.

7. How has the amount parameter to be formatted?

The format has to be “XX.XX” or “XX”

8. For which transaction types can we do a reversal?

Reversal only works with/after a preauthorication.

9. How can one avoid the most common integration mistakes?

Ensure you are sending requests with the correct encoding ISO/IEC 8859-1 (Latin-1).
Read and understand the section on signature calculation, it is needed for every request you send to the gateway and is one of the most common faults with new integrations.

10. Is there chargeback for Bitcoin transaction?

Bitcoin transactions are annonymous and irreversible thus there is no chargebacks possible.

11. Is there refund for Bitcoin transaction?

No, refunds are not possible. But if the address of your client is provided we can send Bitcoins on your behalf.

12. If a Bitcoin payment is made after the transaction expires what happens?

A Bitcoin address lasts forever. So when a payment is made after the transaction expires, the bitcoin still is collected on our system on your behalf.

13. Where can we check the amount paid to a Bitcoin address?

There plenty of websites, but we recomment www.blockchain.info

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