Mastercard - Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
00 - ApprovedThe transaction has been successfully authorized and approved.
01 - Refer to card issuerThe merchant should contact the card issuer for further instructions or authorization.
03 - Invalid merchantThe merchant's identification or account is invalid.
04 - Capture cardThe card should be retained or captured by the merchant.
05 - Do not honorThe card issuer has declined the transaction for various reasons.
08 - Honor with IDThe transaction can be authorized if additional identification information is provided.
10 - Partial approvalThe transaction has been partially approved for an amount less than the total requested.
12 - Invalid transactionThe transaction is invalid or cannot be processed.
13 - Invalid amountThe transaction amount is invalid or exceeds the allowable limit.
14 - Invalid card numberThe provided card number is invalid.
30 - Format errorThe transaction request has a format error or is not properly structured.
40 - Not supportedThe requested transaction type or functionality is not supported.
41 - Lost cardThe card has been reported as lost.
43 - Stolen cardThe card has been reported as stolen.
51 - Insufficient funds/over credit limitThe cardholder's account does not have sufficient funds or has exceeded the credit limit.
54 - Expired cardThe card being used has expired and is no longer valid.
55 - Invalid PINThe entered PIN is invalid or incorrect.
57 - Transaction not permitted to issuer/cardholderThe transaction is not permitted for the issuer or cardholder.
58 - Transaction not permitted to acquirer/terminalThe transaction is not permitted for the acquirer or terminal.
61 - Exceeds withdrawal amount limitThe transaction amount exceeds the permitted withdrawal limit.
62 - Restricted cardThe card is restricted and cannot be used for the transaction.
63 - Security violationA security violation has occurred during the transaction.
65 - Exceeds withdrawal count limit OR soft-decline of EMV 3DS authenticationThe transaction exceeds the allowed withdrawal count limit or there is a soft-decline in EMV 3DS authentication.
75 - Allowable number of PIN tries exceededThe maximum number of PIN entry attempts has been exceeded.
79 - Life cycleThe transaction is related to the card's life cycle and cannot be processed.
81 - Domestic debit transaction not allowedDomestic debit transactions are not allowed for the transaction.
82 - PolicyThe transaction violates a policy or rule.
83 - Fraud/SecurityThe transaction is flagged as potential fraud or security risk.
85 - Not declinedThe transaction has not been declined.
86 - PIN validation not possiblePIN validation for the transaction is not possible.
87 - Purchase amount onlyOnly the purchase amount is allowed for the transaction.
88 - Cryptographic failureA failure has occurred in the cryptographic process.
89 - Unacceptable PIN - transaction declined - retryThe entered PIN is unacceptable, and the transaction is declined with the option to retry.
91 - Authorization system or issuer system inoperativeThe authorization system or the issuer's system is currently inoperative or unavailable.
92 - Unable to route transactionThe transaction cannot be routed or directed to the appropriate destination.
96 - System errorA system error or malfunction has occurred.