API Integration

Learn how you can use our APIs and then build your own UI.


Direct Integration allows more control from your CRM system or webshop. Use our APIs and build your own payment form if you want full control over the look and feel of your checkout page.

The integration is suited to:

  • PCI level-1 merchants – Merchants with the highest PCI level, who process, transmit, and store cardholder information for themselves.
  • Multiple-PSP processing merchants – Merchants who process with payabl. as well as other PSPs and acquirers.


Server-to-server integrations are relatively complex. In most cases, these integrations are less recommended than our Web SDK and Hosted Payment Page solutions, which are easier to implement. However, there are clear cases where server-to-server is the correct integration to use.

Make a payment

Depending on your business model, our APIs allow you to make a payment in two ways. We support the Authorization and Pre-Authorization interface for payment.

The Pre-Authorization interface will verify the credit card data, credit line, and reserve the requested funds. The Pre-Authorization interface is suitable for businesses that need time before claiming funds completely. If you plan to use a pre-authorization request, then you need to claim funds manually through a Capture interface.

The Authorization request handles pre-authorization and capture in one interface. Once the authorization request is sent to the Payment Gateway, the credit card data and the credit line is verified and the cardholder is charged immediately.


If you plan to use a pre-authorization request, please inform our tech support.

After the payment

After the payment, several things can happen. If the payment succeeds, you can focus on payout options from payabl., sending email receipts, and triggering workflows to fulfil the customer’s order. When it’s more complicated, payabl. provides guidance for things like declined cards, refunds, disputes, and fraud.


Credit Fund Transfer (CFT) enables merchants to transfer money back into a given customer account.

CFT availability depends on a number of factors such as the industry and country you’re operating in. Depending on the industry regulation, CFT can be initiated without an initial transaction.

Our Technical Support team is there to help you:
Email: [email protected]
Available Monday – Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 CET/CEST

What’s Next

Direct Integration allows more control from your CRM system or webshop.