Transactions Statements Download

Download the transaction statements via API for a given time frame. In response you will get a zip file with all pdf reports. In case of wrong request there will be a json response with the reason (e.g. time frame too long).

The POST request should contain the following mandatory components:

Step 1. Authorization token via login interface

Before downloading transactions you need to request the authorization token which will be later on used to authorize you as a valid user of your existing Backoffice Portal.


This user is not the merchantid/paymentid used for payment processing.

Login Request

Field NameTypeMandatory

 username and password is the username/password of the Backoffice portal account.

Login Response

Field NameTypeDescription
tokenalphanumericYour authorization token

Step 2. Download transactions via download interface

Below are the download URLs for our Live and Test environment ( download )

After receiving the login token via the login interface insert the token in the Header of the download request as follows:

Authorization"Backoffice "+ [token]

And then construct your request body with the preferred time span as follows.


Maximum time range to be selected is 1 month.

Download Request

Field NameTypeLengthFormatMandatoryDescription
dateFromalphanumeric19 charactersyyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssstart date with time
dateToalphanumeric19 charactersyyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssend date with time
filtersjson-{ }filters

Download Response

Zip Response: Combines all pdf reports