Google Pay

Learn how to accept Goorgle Pay payments.

Google Pay allows customers to make payments on the merchant website using any credit or debit card saved to their Google Account.  When a customer pays with Google Pay in apps and on websites, Google Pay shows a payment sheet where they select their preferred card payment method and confirm their purchase. 

Use the Google Pay API to request any credit or debit card stored in your customer’s Google account.

Using Google Pay with payabl. Hosted Solution is pretty easy as decryption would be handle by the payabl.

All merchants must adhere to the Google Pay APIs Acceptable Use Policy and accept the terms defined in Google Pay API Terms of Service.

Card Network Supported by payabl. are Mastercard and Visa.
Google PayTM is the trademark of Google LLC.

Payment type Wallet
Market Global
Customer currencies Multiple
Processing currencies Multiple
Settlement currencies EUR
Refunds Yes
Fraud Yes
Chargeback Yes



To make a subscription for this method use Credentials on File (tokenization).
The initial request is sent to /googlepay_init link and follow-up transactions need to be sent to the authorization /payment_authorize link

Direct Integration

Four easy steps for implementing Google Pay

  1. Send initialization request (googlepay_init).
  2. Capture the “redirect_url” from the “googlepay_init” request’s post response.
  3. Use “redirect_url” to redirect the end customer.
  4. Process the transaction’s final response.

Detailed flow

Send a googlepay_init payment request from your server.


Include all required and optional parameters in your request for processing of the payment:

  • merchantid: The merchant identification number.
  • amount: The amount field contains the transaction’s total amount. This is the amount that will be transmitted to the authorizing system.
  • currency: The currency field contains the alphanumeric currency code for the transaction, according to ISO 4217, e.g. EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NOK, SEK, CHF.
  • payment_method: The payment method should be "121".
  • signature: The signature field contains a 40-figure hexadecimal value. This signature value is a checksum designed to protect the merchant account from unauthorized access.
  • transactionid: Transaction id of an existing captured successful transaction
  • email: The customer's email.
  • language: This parameter determines the language in which pages will be shown valid values: de en. 
  • firstname: First name of the customer.
  • lastname: Last name of the customer.
    You can see a full list of parameters in Authorization.

Request example


The payment gateway sends to you the response that includes the initial URL (redirect_url parameter) for redirecting the customer ONLY if your server received a successful response from the payment gateway after googlepay_init payment request.

Response example


The customer will be redirected immediately to the payabl. Google Pay page to execute a transaction.


After clicking the Google Pay button a payment sheet would appear (see below).


Once the transaction is authorized via fingerprint or face recognition or with a passcode, payment would start processing.

Depending on the type, if the card was saved as PAN_ONLY then depending on the region additional SCA could be required where the end customer would be redirected to its bank page to complete the payment. Redirection would be handle by payabl. itself.

In case if cards were saved as 3D on Google Pay wallet, then the request would be directly sent to the processor to process the amount.

If the transaction was processed successfully, the end-customer will see the notification about the successful result and will be redirected to the merchant’s website via the URL url_return.

In parallel, a notification would be received on the notification_url provided in the initial request by the merchant

While in Google Pay hosted payment page for any reason if the back to the shop is clicked then the customer will be redirected back to the merchant’s website via the url_return URL.

To repeat/retry the payment, the order must be submitted by the merchant again.

Hosted payment page

For iframe initial request is the same as per our iframe section.

On Powercash21 iframes an additional Google Pay option would appear, by clicking on it end customer would be redirected to Powercash21 Google Pay hosted payment page.