VISA - Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
1A - Additional customer authentication requiredAdditional authentication is needed from the customer to proceed with the transaction.
00 - ApprovedThe transaction has been successfully authorized and approved.
01 - Refer to card issuerThe merchant should contact the card issuer for further instructions or authorization.
03 - Invalid merchantThe merchant's identification or account is invalid.
04 - Pick up card (no fraud)The cardholder's card needs to be confiscated by the merchant, but there is no suspicion of fraud.
05 - Do not honorThe card issuer has declined the transaction for various reasons.
06 - ErrorAn error has occurred during the processing of the transaction.
10 - Partial approvalThe transaction has been partially approved for an amount less than the total requested.
11 - Approved (V.I.P.)The transaction has been approved for a VIP customer.
12 - Invalid transactionThe transaction is invalid or cannot be processed.
13 - Invalid amountThe transaction amount is invalid or exceeds the allowable limit.
14 - Invalid account numberThe provided account number is invalid.
15 - No such issuerThe card issuer does not exist or is not recognized.
19 - Re-enter transactionThe transaction should be re-entered or resubmitted.
41 - Lost cardThe card has been reported as lost.
43 - Stolen cardThe card has been reported as stolen.
46 - Closed accountThe account associated with the card has been closed.
51 - Not sufficient fundsThe cardholder's account does not have enough funds to cover the transaction.
54 - Expired cardThe card being used has expired and is no longer valid.
55 - PIN incorrect or missingThe entered PIN is incorrect or missing for PIN-based authentication.
57 - Transaction not permitted to cardholderThe cardholder is not allowed to perform the requested transaction.
59 - Suspected fraud:The transaction is suspected to be fraudulent.
61 - Exceeds approval amount limitThe transaction amount exceeds the approved limit.
62 - Restricted card (card invalid in region or country)The card is restricted and cannot be used in the specified region or country.
63 - Security violationA security violation has occurred during the transaction.
64 - Transaction does not fulfill AML requirementThe transaction does not comply with anti-money laundering requirements.
65 - Exceeds withdrawal frequency limitThe transaction exceeds the allowed frequency limit for withdrawals.
70 - PIN data requiredPIN data is required to proceed with the transaction.
75 - Allowable number of PIN-entry tries exceededThe maximum number of PIN-entry attempts has been exceeded.
78 - Blocked, first used or special condition—new cardholder not activated or card is temporarily blockedThe card is blocked due to special conditions, such as being newly issued and not activated or temporarily blocked.
81 - Cryptographic error found in PINA cryptographic error has been detected in the entered PIN.
82 - Negative online CAM, dCVV, iCVV, CVV, CAVV, dCVV2, TAVV, or DTVV resultsNegative results have been found in online verification methods.
85 - Not declinedThe transaction has not been declined.
86 - Cannot verify PIN; for instance, no PVVThe PIN cannot be verified, such as when there is no PIN Verification Value (PVV).
91 - Issuer unavailableThe card issuer is currently unavailable or unable to authorize the transaction.
93 - Transaction cannot be completed violation of lawThe transaction cannot be completed due to a violation of the law.
96 - System malfunctionA system malfunction or error has occurred.
N7 - Decline for CVV2 failureThe transaction is declined due to a failure in CVV2 verification.
N8 - Transaction amount exceeds pre-authorized approval amountThe transaction amount exceeds the pre-authorized approval amount.