Learn how to accept PSE, a common payment method in Colombia.

PSE (short for “pago seguro electronico”) is a bank transfer payment solution used in Colombia. PSE is an interface payment method which allows users to pay directly from their bank account in real time and without a credit card.

Payment typeBank transfer
Customers currenciesCOP
Processing currenciesCOP

Step 1. Make a transaction request

From your server, make a POST /payment_preauthorize request.

Include in the request parameters below:


The below parameters are mandatory for PSE

  • merchantid: The merchant identification number.
  • orderid: The field orderid is optional and exclusively for the merchant's convenience.
  • amount: The amount field contains the transaction’s total amount. This is the amount that will be transmitted to the authorizing system.
  • currency: The currency field contains the alphanumeric currency code for the transaction, according to ISO 4217, e.g. COP.
  • payment_method: The payment method id - 130 (or 126 if instructed by tech support).
  • signature: The signature field contains a 40-figure hexadecimal value. This signature value is a checksum designed to protect the merchant account from unauthorized access.
  • email: The customer's email address.
  • custom2: The name of payment method - pse.
  • nationalid: Consumer’s national id, has to satisfy the following regular expression: NIT: 10 digits, CC: 6~10 digits.
  • nationaltype: User's identification type NIT or CC
    You can see a full list of parameters in Pre-Authorization.

Step 2. Handle the redirect

To complete the payment, you need to redirect the customer to the correct URL in the response.



Step 3. Transaction states

If the customer successfully completed the transaction, you will receive a notification with confirmation.

Notification example (successful transaction):


If the customer initiated the transaction but didn't finalize it, you will receive a failed notification.

Notification example with error:

transactionid=105353943&transid=105353943&status=-66182&errormessage=Wrong national ID&errmsg=Wrong national ID&