Payment method id

1CardsAll credit card types: MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, JCB
5Local payment methodsA suite of alternative payment channels and wallets like: Alipay, iDeal, MyBank, Paysafecard, POLi
11AmexAmerican Express cards
17Direct Bank TransferDirect Bank Transfer (Sofort)
18BitcoinCrypto currency system
116TrustlyTrustly provides payments directly from bank accounts in Europe, and is a popular way to pay in the Nordic countries.
117PayPalPayPal is an online payment service that lets customers use their PayPal account to make online purchases.
118EPS & GiropayEPS and Giropay allow account holders to easily and quickly pay for purchases using their own online banking service.
120Przelewy24Przelewy24 is a real-time bank transfer payment method. Customers based in Poland can use it to transfer funds directly to merchants from their bank accounts.

Response parameters

Parameter nameTypeDescription
statusnumeric0 = successful, 2000 = pending, any other value is an error code.
errormessagealphanumericerror messages of the payment gateway or empty
transactionidnumericpayment gateway transaction identification for interfaces preauthorize and authorize
amountnumericThe amount field contains the transaction’s total amount. This is the amount that will be transmitted to the authorizing system.
currencycharThe currency field contains the alphanumeric currency code for the transaction, according to ISO 4217, e.g. EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NOK, SEK, CHF. to
orderidalphanumericThe field orderid is optional and exclusively for the merchants convenience.
redirect_urlURLUsed only with Transactions with ‘pending’ errormessage.
payment_guaranteecharGuarantee of payment for the transaction.
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