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payabl. provides an end-to-end payment technology platform for accepting payments using a wide range of payment methods. The platform offers an extensive set of customizable integration solutions and plugins, which allow merchants to provide an optimized customer experience.

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Cancel the authorization on a payment that has not yet been captured.

A Reversal or Cancellation request is used when you need to free reserved funds on the customer's account, for example, because an item is out of stock and you need to cancel the payment.
If the transaction has not been captured, such a request can be used ONLY on successful pre-authorization.
Also, a reversal request will fail if pre-authorization expires.

Step 1. Make a reversal request

To cancel a payment, make a POST /pay/backoffice/payment_reversal request from your server.


In your request, include:

  • merchantid : Merchant Identification Number.
  • transactionid : The field transaction id contains the transaction’s identification in the payment gateway.
  • signature : The signature field contains a 40-figure hexadecimal value. This signature value is a checksum designed to protect the merchant account from unauthorized access.

Request example


Step 2. Receive response notification

payabl. will send the outcome of the cancel request to you, in a notification that includes:

  • status : The status field contains the transaction’s status within the payment gateway.
  • errormessage : The error messages of the payment gateway. Empty or error message.
  • transactionid : The field transactionid contains the transaction’s identification in the payment gateway.
  • amount : The amount field contains the transaction’s total amount. This is the amount that will be transmitted to the autorizing system.
  • currency : The currency field contains the alphanumeric currency code for the transaction, according to ISO 4217, e.g. EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NOK, SEK, CHF.
  • orderid : The field orderid is optional and exclusively for the merchants' convenience.

Response example


For more information about the included fields, see the Payment Reversal/Cancellation notification reference.

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Cancel the authorization on a payment that has not yet been captured.

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