Your 3D Secure service

If you have implemented your own MPI service for the 3D Secure, when you may send the ECI, UCAF/CAVV, and XID values in (pre-) authorization request.
In this case, the transaction will be sent to the acquirer without any steps in between and the result is returned immediately to you.

Your request to payabl should include those parameters:

  • mpi_avv
  • mpi_eci: In the case of Visa: mpi_eci 5 or 05 (verified), 6 or 06 (attempted), 7 or 07 (not verified). In the case of Mastercard: mpi_eci 2 or 02 (verified), 1 or 01 (attempted), 7 or 07 (not verified).
  • mpi_ds_transaction_id: Needed for new EMV 3DS (formally 3DS 2.2) standards

Contact Technical support for information on Acquirer Merchant ID for registration in MPI.