Testing credentials for 3D Secure

Test credentials for 3d Secure integration

You can use the credentials below to test 3D Secure integration with payabl.


For all cards, you can use any CVC code and Expiry Date (older than current month).
OTP is "test"

MerchantIDSecretCallback fields
gateway_test_3db185default callback fields
gateway_test_cbb185extra callback fields
Credit cardCard EnrolledECIAuthentication StatusMeaning
4012001038443335 or 4242424242420000N--Cardholder not participating, card not enrolled
4012001038488884 or 4242424242000000U--Unable to verfiy enrollment
4012001037141112 or 4242424242424242Y05YSuccessful authentication
4012001037167778 or 4242420000000000Y06ASuccessful merchant attempt
4012001037461114 or 4242000000000000Y-NAuthentication failure
4012001037484447 or 4200000000000000Y-UAuthentication not available
4242426790614587Y05YFrictionless flow

For Mastercard integrity

Credit cardCard EnrolledECIAuthentication StatusMeaning
5105105105105100Y01YSuccessful authentication
5555555555554444Y01AInvalid control byte
5454545454545454N--Cardholder not participating

For Soft decline scenario

Use this card to simulate Soft decline behavior.

  • In authorization set param_3d = non3d.
  • Operation will be processed as non3Ds with a "soft decline" 65.
  • The job will re-initiate transaction with 3DS. You will get a response with 3DS link to redirect your customer (or it will be done automatically in iframe).
  • Finally operation will be processed with a decline status.
    In Interface you will see 2 Authorizations.


We set error code = 65 both for soft decline and final decline on test. But in Live transaction may be Captured or receive another decline code.

Card numberDecline code3DS status