CFT response codes

The following table contains some of the most popular response codes that payabl. generates and sends in responses to CFTs. The codes and descriptions are provided in the response message fields status and errormessage. For more information you may always contact Technical team.


Below is a list of the most common codes, additional error messages can be returned during processing

payabl. codes

Error CodeError MessageComments
0Approved or completed successfully
2000PendingTransaction received and sent to processing
-999Unknown errorCheck your credentials, environment (Live vs Sandbox) and signature
-6000Found wrong or missing fields.The currency is not enabled and the transaction cannot be processed or Signature Calculation is incorrect.
-104Illegal commandThis action is not allowed for your account/login. Contact support or Client Relations manager for available services
-119No permissionThis action is not allowed for your account/login. Contact support or Client Relations manager for available services
-5000Internal error
-5004Payment was canceled due riskmanagement-checksDeposit was blocked due to risk management rules. You may get more details from your Customer Relations manager or payabl. support.
-5008CFT aborted
-6209MID is near to negative balanceTo proceed with the payout, you would need to either capture more transactions on a given MID or top up you account balance. Please contact your Client Relations managed
-6211No confirmation from the bankTransaction in pending and not credited after 10 days.
-6212MID balance service internal errorTemporary error – Time out, retry later.
-6311Expiry Date must be validMismatch with the date indicated and the date of the card.
-13000Timeout during sending request
-13001Communication problem during sending request
-41017Merchant account incorrect fields
-41018Mastercard Service error:
Invalid request field found

Issuer codes

Error CodeError Message
04Do not honour
05Do not Honour
12Invalid transaction card/issuer/acquirer
14Invalid card number
31Blocked, first Used (domestic Brazil only)
46Closed account
57Transaction not permitted on card
59Suspected fraud
61Exceeds amount limit
62Restricted card
65Exceeds frequency limit / Additional SCA required
77Issuer Does Not Participate In The Service
93Transaction cannot be completed

Mastercard codes

Error CodeError MessageComments
062000Value contains invalid characterPlease check customer data (name, address, etc.) for special symbols and exclude them when retrying the request
072000Invalid length
110503Account not EligibleCustomer's account is not eligible to accept OCT payments, a card associated with another account should be used
110516Country not supported for merchant
130001Card declined
130002Fraud detected
130003Card ExpiredThe customer's card is expired
130004Per transaction maximum amount limit reached