Error codes MasterCard

The following table contains the response codes that Mastercard can pass back directly from the receiving networks. The most common decline reasons are listed below:

Error codeError message
1Refer to card issuer
2Refer to card issuers special conditions
3Invalid merchant
4Do not honor, Fraud
5Do not honor
6Invalid card number
7Pick-up card, special conditions
12Invalid transaction
13Invalid amount
14Invalid card number (no such number)
15No such issuer
19Exceeds ACS maximum challenges
20Invalid response
21No To Account
22Suspected malfunction
25Unable to locate record on file
25.01Lifecycle decline. Updated information found in ABU, check before reapeating
25.02Lifecycle decline. Retry later
25.03Lifecycle decline. Suspected fraud, do not retry
26.01Policy decline. Updated information found in ABU, check before reapeating
26.02Policy decline. Retry later
26.03Policy decline. No Updated Credentials, Do not retry
30Format error
31Bank not supported by switch
34Suspected fraud, pick-up
36Restricted card, pick-up
38Allowable PIN tries exceeded, pick-up
39No credit account
40Requested function not supported
41Lost card, pick-up
42No universal account
43Stolen card, pick-up
51Insufficient funds
52No checking account
53No savings account
54Expired card
55Incorrect PIN
56No card record
57Transaction not permitted to cardholder
58Transaction not permitted to terminal (may also be a chargeback)
59Suspected fraud
59.01Authentication decline. Authentication may improve likely hood of approval
59.02Authentication decline. Retry later
59.03Authentication decline. Suspected fraud, do not retry
61Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
62Restricted card
65Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit
67Hard capture, pick-up
75Allowable number of PIN tries exceeded
76Invalid Account
78Customer not eligible for POS (Star SM)
87PIN Key Error
88Information not on file
89Card verification value (CVV) verification failed (no pickup)
90Cutoff is in progress
91Issuer or switch is inoperative
92Financial institution or intermediate network unknown for routing
96System malfunction
98Duplicate Reversal
99Duplicate Transaction
S9Expiration date mismatch
SAInactive card
SEIneligible account
T3Lost card (no pickup)
T4Closed account
T5Dormant account
1101,1102, 1276DS returns an error response for ARes
1201,1203,1301,1303,1305,1403,1404ACS returns an error response for AReq
1151Error while sending to DS. Error Detail
2700ID Validation Can Not Be Provided
4837No Cardholder Authorization
4853Cardholder Dispute