Response codes

When you send payment request to payabl., our gateway validates transaction parameters. The following table contains status codes that payabl. generates and sends in responses. The codes and descriptions are provided in the response message fields status and errormessage. For more information you may always contact Technical team.


Below is a list of the most common codes, additional error messages can be returned during processing

Error Code

Error Message


Approved or completed successfully


Pending (transaction received and sent to processing)


Unknown error (check your credentials and signature)


Found wrong or missing fields (check your request parameters)


Unknown config setting.


Illegal command


No permission


Unknown error


Account name wrong or missing


Bank number wrong or missing


Bank country wrong or missing


Response failed


Merchant payment method wrong or missing


Iban number wrong or missing


Bic number wrong or missing


Too much retries


Blocked temporarily after successful payment


Blocked temporarily after failed payment


Blocked due to previous fraud


Blocked due to a previous chargeback


Blocked due to an currently active transaction


Reattempt not permitted


Decline limit exceeded for ccn


Internal error


Payment failed


Payment aborted by customer


Payment was canceled due riskmanagement-checks


Refund aborted


CFT aborted


3DS downgraded or Not Verified


3DS downgraded or invalid attempt


Incorrect eci data


Preauthorization action is disabled


Wrong currency


Wrong birthday


Wrong email


Routing error


Wrong paymentmethod


Wrong country code


MID is near to negative balance


MID balance service request timeout


MID balance service internal error


CCN must be valid


Expiry Date must be valid


Luhn check failed


Expiry month must be valid


Missing or invalid cvc_code


Cardholder name must be valid


Missing or invalid card type


BIN is hostile


Wrong recurring ID


Recurring is not supported by this card type


3DSecure verification failed or incomplete


ECI wrong or missing


Communication problem


Timeout during sending request


Communication problem during sending request


Communication problem


3D not enrolled for BIN

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